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The Challenge

Football5star is a leading football website focusing on sports details. Its content targets a very niche market. Previously, the blog strategy focused mainly on SEO objectives to drive keyword rankings for priority top of the funnel terms. As an evolution of their program, Football5star had the opportunity to expand the blog strategy to focus on a wider set of pain points associated with targeted personas.

Advertising Marketing worked with Football5star to create an integrated, persona driven blog strategy focused on solving customer pain points in each stage of the buying cycle to ultimately increase qualified blog traffic.

The Strategy

This integrated, keyword-driven blog strategy consisted of a five-step targeted plan:

Audience: Target each blog post to a distinct persona by responding to industry questions and pain points.

Keyword: Broaden keyword net to include keywords that our audience might be searching for.

Stage in Buying Cycle: Target each blog post to a stage in the buying cycle: attract, engage or convert.

Call-to-Action: Link CTAs to related blog posts that drive readers deeper into the funnel of the buying cycle.

Amplification: Amplify each blog post across Football5star’s social media channels.

Ultimately, this change in strategy to broaden keyword net, capitalize on a broader audience led to an increase in qualified organic traffic to the blog.

The Result

By creating an integrated, keyword-driven blog strategy that focused on persona pain points and customer segments, Advertising helped increase blog organic traffic and page views year-over-year:

33% increase
in newsroom traffic
to qualified
product pages

58% increase
in organic traffic

19% increase
in page views

From The Client

“These guys have built such a strong relationship with our organization that we consider them an extension of our IT department. We always know that excellent service is just a phone call or e-mail away and that we will receive the same level of attention they always provide that makes us feel like we're their top priority.”

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